Vegan Sweet & Sour Cauliflower (咕噜花菜)

Yields: 2 Servings Difficulty: Medium Prep Time: 10 Mins Cook Time: 20 Mins Total Time: 30 Mins

Sweet and sour is one of the famous Chinese take out dishes from all over the world. It is the quintessential dish that every Chinese kid eats growing up. This vegan sweet and sour tastes just like the ones from my childhood memories.

No appetite? Sweet and sour! Throwing a tantrum? Sweet and sour! Lots of rice? Sweet and sour!

I really have to applaud whoever came up with this flavour profile. This sauce has such a mouth-watering flavour and makes you just want to keep eating. And the crunch and freshness of the vegetables help cut through the richness. The entire combination of the dish is spot on.

I reckon this vegan sweet and sour is even better than the original because the cauliflower is really light so you don’t feel heavy and bloated after eating this with a million bowls of rice.

If you like cauliflower as an animal meat replacement, check out my Vegan Singapore Black Pepper Sauce Spaghetti.

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0/17 Ingredients
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  • Batter
  • Sauce


0/8 Instructions
  • Cut the cauliflower into medium-sized florets and the tomato, bell pepper and onion to match. The uniformed sizes make the dish look pretty, but if you anarchist like that, just cut them anyhow.
  • Mix the batter and whisk till well blended, it should turn out something like a thin yoghurt consistency.
  • Heat about 800ml or four fingers depth of oil in a large and deep sauce pan. Drip a small amount of batter into the oil, if the batter cooks and rises immediately, the oil is hot enough. Dip your cauliflowers in the batter and carefully drop them into the pan. When they are floating and not too brown, you can remove them and drain. We don't want them too brown otherwise it will not absorb the sauce well.
  • While the cauliflowers are having their oil spa, mix the sauce together in a small bowl and set aside for later. Make sure the corn starch is well mixed into the solution.
  • Heat 2 tbsp of oil on a non-stick pan over medium heat, and fry the onions and chilli until the onion is slightly translucent.
  • Add the tomato, green bell pepper, and the white part of the spring onions, and stir fry for another 2-3 minutes.
  • Add the drained deep fried cauliflower (and pineapple if using) into the pan, mix into the veggies, and pour the sauce over, tossing to mix well.
  • When the sauce is fully reduced, serve with a sprinkle of spring onion greens on top.

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