Vegan Mala Xiang Guo 麻辣香锅 | Spicy Pot

Vegan mala xiang guo is an intense, spicy, flavour explosion. Various ingredients are cooked separately, then tossed in a mala chilli sauce.

Yum Woon Sen | Thai Vermicelli Salad

Yum woon sen or Thai vermicelli salad is a refreshing salad made with glass noodles, fresh lime juice, roast peanuts, and coriander.

Basil Mint Calamansi Granita | Easy Dessert

This simple granita recipe uses fresh mint, basil, and calamansi juice to create an easy but very refreshing icy dessert for hot summer days.

Cucumber Sprite Pickle (网红雪碧泡黄瓜)

This incredibly quick and easy cucumber Sprite pickle is sweet and sour and absolutely refreshing. Perfect for parties or a fridge staple.

Dongbei Coriander Salad (东北老虎菜)

This Dongbei coriander salad is spicy, pungent, and fragrant. It is a very appetizing side dish that takes only ten minutes to prepare.

Vegan Nam Tok Het (Thai Waterfall Salad)

This vegan nam tok het (Thai waterfall salad) is made with juicy oyster mushrooms paired with ground toasted sticky rice and fresh mint.

Vegan Kabsa | Arabian Chick’un & Rice

This vegan kabsa is a combination of grilled seitan chick’un pieces served over a flavourful rice cooked with spices and a hint of citrus.

Cezerye | Turkish Carrot Confectionery Dessert

Cezerye is a naturally vegan and gluten-free Turkish dessert made carrots, nuts, sugar, and desiccated coconut. It is nutritious and sweet!

Xinjiang Cumin Lamb Seitan | 孜然素羊肉

This vegan Xinjiang cumin lamb with seitan uses a delicious combination of herbs and spices to create an authentic and delicious flavour.

Mujadara | Middle Eastern Lentils and Rice

Mujadara is a traditional Middle Eastern dish. It is a protein-rich, comforting, and affordable dish made of lentils, rice, and onions.

Tohu Gyet | Burmese Shan Tofu Curry

This Burmese Shan tofu curry with creamy chickpea tofu cubes is a tasty and simple tomato-based dish with an adjustable spice level.

Soft Tofu in Tomato Sauce | 茄汁日本豆腐

This is a simple and delicious kid-friendly vegan recipe. The soft tofu is fried until crispy then drenched in a tasty tomato sauce.