Pak Boong Fai Daeng | Stir-Fried Morning Glory

Pak boong fai daeng is a Thai stir-fried morning glory or kangkong dish that is cheap, tasty, and very easy to make. Perfect for busy days!

Tofu with Beansprouts | Taukwa with Taugeh

Tofu with beansprouts is a simple and down-to-earth dish that reminds me of my grandmother. Very easy to prepare and it tastes like home.

Pad Cha Het | Spicy Mushroom Stir-fry

Pad cha het is a Thai style stir-fry where mushrooms are cooked over high heat with aromatic spices. Are you ready for the flavour explosion?

Gochugaru Tofu | Crispy, Tangy & Addictive!

Gochugaru tofu is so crispy and spicy with a tangy bite from bell peppers and tomatoes. So easy and yum, you will make this again and again!

Chinese BBQ Flavour Tofu Sticks | 烧烤味腐竹

Chewy tofu sticks 腐竹 (fu zhu) are sliced and tossed in a delicious sauce reminiscent of the street-side BBQ stands in China. So easy, so good!

Steamed Garlic Enoki | 蒜蓉金针菇

This steamed garlic enoki is a super easy and tasty 15-minute dish that is great for kids too. My favourite zero-failure way to eat enoki!

Vegan Hokkien Fried Prawn Mee | 福建炒虾面

Vegan Hokkien fried prawn mee is the combo of two noodles, vegan seafood substitutes, and handmade seitan stir-fried in a flavourful stock.

Pad Woon Sen | Thai Stir Fried Glass Noodles

Pad woon sen is a easy and tasty Thai stir-fried glass noodle dish. Loaded with veggies and mushrooms, it is great for a hot day.

Vegan Kueh Salat | Sticky Rice Custard Cake

This vegan kueh salat is a delectable cake made from a layer of sticky rice and a layer of pandan custard. The perfect tea time snack!

Vegan Shan Khao Swe | Burmese Shan Noodles

This Burmese Shan noodles dish is a yummy blend of rice noodles topped with curry, peanuts, fried garlic, preserved mustard, and coriander.

Vegan Sambal Stingray with Chinchalok

This vegan sambal stingray is made with mushrooms coated in home-made sambal chilli sauce. Tasty and spicy with the fragrance of banana leaf.

Tofu Kratiem Prik Thai | Thai Garlic Pepper

Tofu is stir-fried in a lip-smacking kratiem prik Thai sauce that combines the flavours of garlic, black pepper, and coriander roots.